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Weech Road, NW6

Build time: N/A - 2012
Build cost: £25K

Weech Road Weech Road Weech Road Weech Road

Exterior and landscaping makeover

The owners of this conversion were tired of the front of their Victorian house.

The brief was to restore some of the original features - porch, chequered pathway, and railings.

Other works included rerendering the front elevation, entire pointing of the side wall, redirecting of rainwater pipes, and roof repairs.

22 Ravenshaw Street, NW6

Build time: 14 months. Dec 06 – Feb 08
Build cost: £300K

22 Ravenshaw Street 22 Ravenshaw Street 22 Ravenshaw Street 22 Ravenshaw Street 22 Ravenshaw Street

A contemporary terraced building juxtaposed with Victorian 2 up 2 down houses in West Hampstead.

The Camden planning department rebuffed our intentionally ambitious first scheme and finally compromised to give us what we were hoping to achieve.

The build was no less complicated, as houses on either side of the land were supported by scaffold poles. Step by step, the poles were removed as the building went up.

93c Priory Road, N8

Build time: 3 Months
Build cost: £70K

93c Priory Road 93c Priory Road

Complete refurb of flat.

Before the refurb, the kitchen was in the lounge and the bathroom was an irregular shape.

Stealing some hallway, and fitting of Velux windows, allowed the creation of a bright kitchen in its own space, and the creation of a regular shaped bathroom.

Elmhurst Avenue, N2

Build time: 8 Weeks
Build cost: £9K

Elmhurst Avenue Elmhurst Avenue

External Works

For years, the front of façade of this house was blockwork.

Sand and cement render and white paint, finally gave this unique house some status.

While the scaffold was up extensive roof repairs were carried out as well as decoration to all windows.

64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11

Build time: 10 months. June 08 – April 09
Build cost: £180K

64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11 64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11 64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11 64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11 64 Woodstock Avenue, NW11

A contemporary 3 bed Eco house in Golders Green

Planning permission was granted on the first attempt - a benefit of going through the pre-application process.

In order to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes standards for new builds, the house was fitted with solar panels, water recycling, and other Eco-friendly accessories.

Parkhill Road

Build time: 10 Weeks
Build cost:

Parkhill Road Parkhill Road Parkhill Road


The landscaping of the drive in this prestigious NW3 street was simple but attractive.

Original yellow London stock used for the garden walls blend well with the Monsoon grey' sandstone flags.

Landrock Road, N8

Build time: 6 weeks
Build cost: £30K

Landrock Road Landrock Road Landrock Road Landrock Road Landrock Road

A contemporary kitchen refurbishment.

This long kitchen diner in Crouch End was not the brightest, nor the most modern.

Facing NW, and with only a small window, it was pleading to have its back wall knocked out and 2.6m high bifolding doors fitted.

With light and vista at one end of the room, the layout of the kitchen and dining areas had to be reversed. But this could only be done by removing a large portion of the chimney breast so that units could be built into it.

The finishing touch to brighten up the flat was knocking out the wall to the hall and replacing it with 2.7m high glass double doors. Then the hall brightened up the kitchen, and the kitchen brightened up the hall.

28 St Albans Road, NW5

Build time: 6 weeks
Build cost: £18K

Landrock Road Landrock Road Landrock Road Landrock Road

Build Time: 6 weeks
Build Cost: £15K

Grey Indian sandstone compliments the red brick house on this drive in Dartmouth Park.

The drive and fence was deisgned by a landscape architect we brought in. The path, a straight run of one-size slabs, edges the mutli-size slab driveway, and a hardwood picket fence edges the perimeter.

Repointing of front elevation
Build Time: 2 weeks
Build Cost: £3K

The front facade of this building was a motley of different pointing colours.
After acid cleaning, and refacing spawling brickword, our stonemason removed all the mortar and repointed the facade resulting in a more unified look.